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Pacific Capital International LLC (Institutional)
Pacific Capital Holdings LLC (Private Asset Management)

Is comprised of two divisions:

Pacific Capital International LLC. (PCI) is an Institutional Venture Capital placement firm located in Argentina with representatives in the USA, Italy, Spain and Asia.

Pacific Capital Holdings LLC (PCH) is a private asset management company that provides clients with confidential accounts on a global scale. As such, the accounts offer a confidential trading environment. PCH functions as both an asset advisor and PCI as a venture capitalist and institutional placement company. As an asset advisor PCH offers access to advisor managed full-service stock brokerage activities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. As a venture capitalist, PCI locates private companies positioned for a near-term initial public offering of it's stock. PCH offers "institutional" advantages to the private investor.

Business Partners
PCH/PCI maintain master accounts with some of the largest stock brokerage firms in the world. The brokerage firms used by PCH: are regulated by the NASD, the SEC, the FSA and other regulatory bodies, protecting investor interests and security. PCI's managing director maintains a seat on the Argentina Stock Exchange.

Tax advantages
PCH/PCI offer accounts to non-residents of the USA and United Kingdom with a focus on client security and a limited liability company. Members must fill out W8BENs to qualify as non-residents and have distinct tax advantages as non-residents

Venture Capital and IPO's
PCH/PCI have managed a number of successful initial public offerings (IPO's) of stock belonging to companies registered in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Bermuda. Experience has proven that the public will pay premium prices for companies providing innovative products or services. European Initial Public Offerings are expected to out perform all other arenas in the coming years.

Institutional services
Pacific Capital International LLC provides the following institutional services:
1. Research into European companies positioned for an initial public offering (IPO).
2. Purchase of controlling shares at below market prices.
3. Management of the IPO to ensure profits at opening prices.

Asset management
PCH-LLC provides traditional managed accounts with stock brokerage services for existing clients only. While providing services traditionally reserved for the most substantial clients, PCH/PCI can still maintain total privacy, and confidentiality, for all PCH/PCI clients.

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